Weddings & Betrothals


        You are looking for the right person to officiate at your wedding because you know that the ceremony can be powerful, and with it you want to set the tone for the day. Perhaps you feel that what you want is an alternative wedding. Or maybe you just have no idea who could or should marry you, so you are shopping around.

        Maybe you are not religious, or are from different religions, or from different cultures.

        Maybe you each have strong but differing visions.

        Maybe one of you cares and the other doesn’t (”Can‘t we just get married?”)

        I treat you both with respect and humor, and I love bringing to light the common ground.

       Your story will inspire me, my resources and training will inform me and we will create the perfect ceremony.

                                Murphy Birdsall,

                            Life-Cycle Celebrant



     Any of these words might describe how you envision your ceremony. As your wedding officiant, Murphy will help you consider the images, the space, the words, music, choice of participants  -   all that will best express the wedding you see as your own.

Why Choose a Celebrant?

  ~ intimate, light-hearted, spiritual, wacky,  straightforward, mysterious,

joyful, ancient, solemn,  beautiful,  simple,      sacred ~



Same-Sex Weddings

    Gay weddings can be the same, or different, depending on what you want. Three-piece suits? White satin dresses? Your parents part of the ceremony? Sure! Your grown children walking you down the aisle, or standing with you. Yes, that is often a part of it, maybe because you have been together for many years.

    If you are at this website, you probably already know that you can make your ceremony be what you wish it to be.

    I will help you celebrate with pride and joy, working with you to find the common threads that express your values, beliefs and styles in a ceremony that touches all who gather around you.



“The primary work of a rite of passage is to ensure that we attend to such events fully, which is to say, spiritually, psychologically and socially.”

            Robert L. Grimes